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    The character after completing Phoenix Rebirth

    Phoenix Rebirth is a quest, after completing which the character gets the opportunity to change class within race, reset all stat points and skills, get new skills, depending on the class, and also receives unique rebirth wings.

    • The quest can also be completed instantly by purchasing in IM (section Character -> Cha IMPs) N1793.png Rebirth Card.

    How to start quest

    To take and complete the quest, the character must have:

    Having purchased the Caribbean Tour Ticket from NPC Baby (tab "B") in Argent (2202,2776), you need to teleport to Treasure Isle and run to the NPC Heaven Teleporter (473 ,1054) for teleportation to Heaven. Next, take the quest "Phoenix Rebirth" from the NPC Goddess (1755,909).

    It is impossible to get to Heaven in any other way except with the help of the Goddess's Favor!

    Quest walkthrough: Part 1

    The quest involves collecting 8 runes - fragments of Rebirth Stone and is divided into subquests.


    Having purchased the Pass to the Lone Tower 6 from NPC Baby (tab "B") in Argent (2202,2776), you need to talk to NPC Huckinson (513,270), select the dialogue option "Hi!", and then answer the questions correctly.

    1. Which of the story quest below is connected to the missing boy quest? Answer: A Crazy Reason
    2. Who is the lover of Andrew? Answer: Hami
    3. Which of these below are material for manufacturing? Answer: Evil Polliwog Blood
    4. The love keepsake of the mysterious granny is..? Answer: Garden of Eve stone
    5. Demonic Fruit will change into what? Answer: Devil
    6. Which of the option below is correct? Answer: Hami is the illegitimate son of Sang Di
    7. Black Market merchant used to be common. That was... Answer: That was Before he fell in love with Donna.
    8. NPC secrets revealed! What sort of person do you think Pappa is? Answer: Happy Pretty Girl
    9. Regarding gem extraction, which of these stated below is wrong? Answer: Collection Fee = Equipment refining level * 1000G
    10. Who knows the secret of the Brimstone? Answer: Ditto and Langa
    11. Which herbs stated below has side effect? Answer: Memory Capsule
    12. Whos lying? Answer: Langa: Mysterious Granny is not the one in my heart
    13. Do you like to play Tales of Pirates? Answer: I like it!!
    14. The High Priest has what bad habit? Answer: Smoke Addict
    15. I believe that these riddles are interesting. Do you wish to try? Answer: Want

    Quest: Mark of a Warrior

    After answering the questions, Huckinson will have the quest Mark of a Warrior, in which you need to kill 15 monsters on different levels of the Lone Tower:

    After completion, the character will receive Leo Rune, and Huckinson will have the next quest.

    Lv54 Huge Spiky Stramonium - outskirts of Thundoria, Ascaron (450,1320)
    Lv45 Feral Skeleton Fish - not far from the Isle of Fortune (or Icicle Castle), Deep Blue (3170,1180)

    Quest: Little Mystery Man

    After taking the quest Little Mystery Man from Huckinson, you need to talk to Hairystylist in Spring Town (3300,2513). The character must have completed Language Barrier quest, to be able to speak with NPC. In the next quest Simple Mission you need to get the following ingredients:

    • 30x N0665.png Gigantic Stramonium Flower from Lv54 Huge Spiky Stramonium - outskirts of Thundoria, Ascaron (450,1320)
    • 30x N1120.png Quality Caviar from Lv45 Feral Skeleton Fish - not far from the Isle of Fortune (or Icicle Castle), Deep Blue (3170,1180)
    • 30x N1566.png Compressed Energy II. Energy can be purchased from NPC Black market Merchant in Icicle Castle (1371,587) at the rate of 1 Energy = 25x N1167.png Yal Runestones

    Having collected all the ingredients, you need to return to Hairystylist in Spring Town (3300,2513) and finish the quest.

    Quest: Day of Abstinence

    The next quest Day of Abstinence consists of 4 subquests. You need to take turns bringing different wines for Hairstylist, which can be created using Cooking:

    Once completed, the character will receive the Roico Rune, and Hairystylist will have the next quest.

    Quest: Seek out Demonic Guide

    In the next quest Seek out Demonic Guide you need to visit NPC Tomas Tutu, who is located in DW-2 in the center of the map (329,207).

    RB 03.jpg

    Quest: Carribean Tour Day

    The next quest consists of three subquests, where you need to kill one specific boss in turn, each time returning to Tomas Tutu in DW:

    1. Lv85 Deathsoul Commander
    2. Lv85 Barborosa
    3. Lv90 Prehistoric Giant Octopus


    After killing the final boss Octopus, the player will receive a Baby Rune, and Tomas Tutu will have the next quest.

    Quest: Who is the Guardian

    The quest is taken from Tomas Tutu in DW 2 (329,207). To complete it, you need to talk to Tourist - Tink in Icicle Castle (1335,469), and then take the next quest from him.

    At Clan Chief - Albuda in Shaitan (898,3641) you can change the path of rebirth for 5m gold

    Quest: Tought? Or irritating?

    Need to visit Clan Chief - Albuda in Shaitan (898.3641) and choose the path of rebirth: tought or troublesome. The remaining quests will depend on your choice.

    How to change the path of rebirth

    The path of rebirth can be changed after choosing. To do this, you need to talk to Clan Chief - Albuda in Shaitan (898,3641). Each change of path costs 5 000 000 gold.

    Quest walkthrough: Part 2. Tought path

    On the Tought path the player will have to kill three strong bosses. This can only be done with the help of a guild.

    Quest: Continue the path of rebirth

    After choosing the path from Clan Chief - Albuda, a quest will become available in which you need to return to Tourist - Tink in Icicle (1335,469).

    Quest: Arduous Quest

    Tourist - Tink will ask you to kill three bosses:

    After completing the quest, Tourist - Tink will give the character the 5 remaining runes.

    Quest walkthrough: Part 2. Troublesome path

    The player will have to spend more time on the Troublesome path, but the tasks themselves will be quite easy.

    Quest: Continue the path of rebirth

    After choosing the path from Clan Chief - Albuda, a quest will become available in which you need to return to Tourist - Tink in Icicle Castle (1335,469).

    Quest: Time based challenge

    Tourist - Tink will ask you to complete the "Challenge Genesis" three times, with three different results:

    Time based challenge 1: in less than 30 minutes (1,800 seconds).

    Time based challenge 2: from 7 hours (25,200 sec) to 8 hours (28,800 sec).

    Time based challenge 3: from 5 hours (18,000 sec) to 5 hours 30 min (19,800 sec).

    Challenge Genesis

    To complete the quest you will need ship (preferably Ark, Eagle or Shark) and sea consumables created using Manufacturing:

    The quest is taken from Sailer - Coddy in Argent (2219,2912).

    • In order for the NPC to give the quest "Challenge Genesis", it is necessary to free the 1st cell in the inventory!

    RB 05eng.jpg

    After the quest starts, a Challenge Letter will appear in your inventory and the time will begin to count down. You need to sail around the entire map of the Tales of Pirates world, visiting the harbors and talking to the NPC located there in a certain sequence. After starting the quest, it will be more comfortable to teleport through the Island Teleporter to Zephyr Isle and start sailing from there. Attention! It is recommended to set coordinates in the radar (Alt+R) while being on the same map where you need to sail. For example, if the final point is in the Deep Blue, and the character is in the Magical Ocean, then you first need to sail from the Magical Ocean to the Deep Blue, and only then set the ccordinates of the point on the radar. Otherwise, if the character and the final point are on two different maps, then there is a chance that the yellow arrow will point in the wrong direction.

    1. Sequence of walkthrough of the he quest "Challenge Genesis""
      Sara Haven – Ascaron (3097,3530)
    2. Hubble Haven – Magical Ocean (136,3432)
    3. Gelada Haven – Magical Ocean (1544,3712)
    4. Ethio Haven – Magical Ocean (3194,3507)
    5. Karmas Haven – Deep Blue (739,3805)
    6. Salva Haven – Deep Blue (194,1715)
    7. Lahu Haven – Magical Ocean (3498,923)
    8. Aerase Haven – Magical Ocean (2042,635)
    9. Norite Habour Haven – Magical Ocean (464,468)
    10. Reagen Haven – Ascaron (3153,674)
    11. Halla Haven – Ascaron (2041,1355)
    12. Albania Haven – Ascaron (1497,1707)
    13. Thundoria Harbour – Ascaron (1057,1332). You need to land and talk to Sailor – Dio (1083, 1285) to stop the time countdown.

    After visiting all the points, the Challenge Letter will disappear and the Bawcock Letter will appear in its place with the recorded result. Now you need to return to Tourist - Tink in Icicle Castle (1335,469), finish the quest and go through two more circles. After completing the quest the previous Bawcock Letter must be deleted. If there is more than one letter in the inventory at the same time, the quest will not be able to be completed.

    Quest: Visit the guardian of Thundoria

    Talk to Argent Ambassador - Yata in Thundoria (741,1553).

    Quest: Battle of Aries Palace

    The Aries apparel can be bought in the IM or received for completing the Aries quest on the "Captain" difficulty level.

    To complete the quest:

    Quest: Visit guardian of Shaitan

    Talk to Tourist - Wowo in Shaitan (846,3499).

    Quest: World Tour

    You need to visit 12 NPC one by one. Each NPC will take away 500 reputation points. A total of 6500 reputation will be required.

    1. Kentaro - Abandoned mine haven, Ascaron (1895,2799)
    2. Minelli - Babul haven, Magical Ocean (1245,3186)
    3. Willi - Atlantis Haven, Deep Blue (1028,668)
    4. Professor Fenny - Valhalla, Ascaron (1131,2777)
    5. Ditaro - Oasis Haven, Magical Ocean (804,3099)
    6. Lulu - Icespire Haven, Deep Blue (2669,635)
    7. Durian - Rockery Haven, Ascaron (1535,3072)
    8. Linda - Solace Haven, Ascaron (516,2438)
    9. Xeus - Skeleton Haven, Deep Blue (2138,546)
    10. Azur Breeze - Chaldea Haven, Ascaron (623,2106)
    11. Nana - Icicle Haven, Deep Blue (799,370)
    12. Doctor - Minoseva - Andes Forest Haven, Ascaron (1005,2973)

    After which you need to return to Tourist - Wowo in Shaitan (846,3499).

    Quest: Visit the Guardian of Haven

    Talk to Heaven Teleporter on Treasure Isle (473,1054).

    Quest: Testament of the Piety

    Heaven Teleporter on Treasure Isle (473,1054) will give the next three subquests, in which you need to interact with objects in turns. You can click on items with the mouse, but it’s easier to place them on the quick access panel and hold down the corresponding key.

    1. Light 9x N1478.png Sacred Candle. Cooldown: 10 sec. As they are lighted, the candles will turn into a Lighted Sacred Candle.
    2. Light another 99x N1478.png Sacred Candle. Cooldown: 10 sec. As they are lighted, the candles will turn into a Lighted Sacred Candle.
    3. Use N1844.png Goddess Statue 999 times. Cooldown: 30 sec. There is a counter on the statue that counts the number of uses.

    Upon completion of each subquest, you need to talk to Heaven Teleporter and take the subsequent quest.

    Quest: Visit the Guardian of Argent

    Visit Sailer - Coddy in Argent (2219,2912).

    Quest: Game of Madness

    Sailer - Coddy will give out 6 subquests in turn to kill low-level monsters.

    1. Kill 110x Lv1 Mystic Shrub - Argent City (2094,2638). After killing the shrubs, at Sailer - Coddy, you need to select the "First question" option and answer: "Not Happy." After this, you can turn in the previous subquest and take the next one.
    2. Kill 110x Lv1 Dry Mystic Shrub - Shaitan City (854,3170)
    3. Kill 110x Lv16 Sailor Squidy - Icicle Haven (760,290)
    4. Kill 110x Lv4 Snow Squidy - Icicle Castle (1460, 400)
    5. Kill 110x Lv15 Sailor Squirt - Icicle Haven (760,290)
    6. Kill 110x Lv2 Snow Squirt - Icicle Castle (1460, 400)

    After completing the last quest at Sailer - Coddy the character will receive the 5 remaining runes.

    Quest walkthrough: Part 3. Final

    Having all 8 runes in your inventory, you need to return to Goddess to Heaven (1755,909) and finish the quest. As a reward, the Goddess will give you N1754.png Rebirth Stone.


    Having received N1754.png Rebirth Stone, you need to remove all the items equipped from the character: equipment, corals, bracelets, handguard, belt, wings, mount, fairy pet, handpet, cloak, apparels, aura , then talk to Rebirth Angel in Heaven (1754,914) and choose a class within your race.

    • After selecting a class, all stats and battle skills of the class will be reset.
    • If the character has learned the skill "Crystalline Blessing" or the skill "Intense Magic", it will also be reset, and the book for learning the skill will be returned to the character's inventory.
    • The character will receive unique Rebirth wings.
    • The character will receive two new skills, depending on class. Details in the class guides.
    • You can complete Phoenix Rebirth quest only once.

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