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    Characters stats are attributes responsible for the character’s combat performance.

    Base stats

    There are 5 base stats:

    • Strength - increases physical damage for all classes except sharpshooter (especially important for crusaders and champions).
    • Constitution - increases defense, maximum HP and HP recovery.
    • Accuracy - increases hit rate for all classes, as well as physical damage only for sharpshooters.
    • Agility - increases attack speed and dodge. Agility has a leveling cap (a separate value for each class), after reaching which the attack speed stops increasing.
    • Spirit - increases magic damage, the maximum SP (mana), SP recovery, and also reduces incoming damage from some magic skills.

    Without taking into account equipment, stats can be increased:

    • Str - to 105
    • Con - to 110
    • Acc - to 105
    • Agi - to 105
    • Spr - to 110

    Stats can be uped in the stats tab, which opens by pressing key combination Alt+A. As the basic stats increase, the corresponding additional stats increase.

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    Additional stats


    Determines the physical damage caused by regular attacks (for a crusader, champion, sharpshooter), as well as the damage caused by skills with physical damage. Damage is reduced depending on the enemy's defense and physical resistance. The final damage is also affected by the cutting coefficient. The cutting coefficient is calculated from the difference between the levels of the attacker and the attacked. At the same levels, there is no cutting. If the attacker is superior in level to the enemy, then the attacker deals 2.5% more damage to the enemy for each level of difference (maximum of 20% for 8 levels of difference). If the attacker is inferior in level to the enemy, then the attacker deals 2.5% less damage to the enemy for each level of difference (maximum of 20% for 8 levels of difference).

    • Calculation formula: Damage to enemy = (( [Your attack] * (100 - [Enemy's physical resistance]) / (100) ) - [Enemy's defense] ) x [Cutting coefficient]
    • Example. The character has 4000 max. attack. The enemy has 20 PR and 1000 defense. The character and the enemy are of the same level, i.e. there is no cutting factor. Damage to enemy = (4000*(100-20)/100) - 1000 = 2200.

    Attack speed (aspd)

    Determines how often the character can perform normal attacks. For example, 100 attack speed means that the character will attack 1 time in 1 second, 300 attack speed = 3 attacks in 1 second, etc. Initially, all characters have 70 attack speed.

    Critical Rate (crit)

    Determines the probability (in percentage) with which the character will be able to inflict double damage during normal attacks. By default, all characters have 15 critical rate. At the moment there are only two ways to increase the critical rate:

    • Standard rings, giving an increase in critical rate (for example, the Water of Miracle ring, which gives +11 critical rate).
    • Skill of Cleric Tornado Swirl , giving from 6 to 15 crit for a while. The skill can be applied to yourself and allied characters.

    In addition, the critical rate may increase with the difference in levels between the character and the enemy. If the character exceeds the enemy in level, then he receives an additional increase of +3 crit for each level (maximum +15 crit per 5 levels of difference). For example, if a level 60 character without rings and a buff attacks another level 60 character, then his crit will be 15, but if a level 60 character attacks a level 55 character, then due to a superiority of 5 levels his crit will be equals 30.

    DPS (Damage per second)

    A conditional characteristic that is not directly displayed in the stats tab.

    • Calculation formula: DPS = (([Min attack + Max attack]) / 2) x ( [attack speed] / 100) x (1 + [crit rate] / 100)
    • Example. The character has 950 min attack and 1050 max attack, 100 attack speed and 15 crit. DPS = ( (950 + 1050) / 2 ) x (100/100) x (1 + 15 / 100) = 1150.

    Defense (def)

    Determines how many units of physical damage (flat) will be blocked.

    Physical resistance (PR)

    Determines how much physical damage (in percentage) will be blocked. The maximum PR damage reduction cannot exceed 85%, even if the PR value is above 85.

    • Calculation formula: Attack that a character can tank = [Defense] x ( 100 / ( 100 - [Physical Resistance] ) )
    • Example. A character has 900 defense and 23 PR. Attack that a character can tank = 900 x ( 100 / ( 100 - 23 ) ) = 1168.

    Hit rate

    Determines the probability of successfully hitting an enemy with normal attacks.


    Determines the probability of successfully dodging enemy normal attacks.

    • Calculation formula: Miss chance = ([enemy's dodge] - [your hit rate] + 10)% Miss chance will always be less than or equal to 90%. It turns out that in order for enemies to miss a character with a 90% probability, the dodge must be 80+ greater than the enemy's hit rate. And so that the character does not miss attacks on the enemy, the hit rate should be 10+ greater than the enemy’s dodge.

    Movement speed

    Determines the speed at which the character will move.

    Ways to increase stats

    Increasing stats can be achieved in several ways.

    Increasing character level

    At the beginning of the game, a 1st level character has 4 free stat points available. From level 2 to 59, for each new level the character receives 1 free stat point, and every 10th level (at levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50) is given 5 points. Starting from level 60, the character gets 2 points for each new level and 6 points for every 10th level (at level 60, 70, etc.). To increase stat, you need to open the stats tab (Alt+A) and click on "+" opposite the desired stat.

    Additional stats also automatically increase simply due to increasing the character level. The amount of increase in additional stats from increasing a character's level is the same for all classes. But at the same time, the amount of increase in additional stat from increasing stats can be different, depending on character class: for example, champion has the largest increase in defense and HP, while sharpshooter has the lowest increase in defense and HP.

    Equipment bonuses

    You can increase both basic and additional stats through equipment:

    Stat bonuses from equipment can also be increased through strenghtening equipment and through forging gems.

    Temporary stats boost

    You can temporarily increase your stats using:

    Temporarily reduce enemy stats

    You can temporarily lower stats of enemies by:

    Skill points

    Skill points should also be mentioned. Starting from level 10, the character is awarded 1 skill point for each new level. At Lv 65 and further, at every 5th level (at 70, 75, 80, etc.) the character gets +2 skill points.

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