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    Ship is a vehicle that the character needs to move around the sea and perform various actions:

    For sea farming, killing sea bosses and sea battles against other players in pk locations, Voyagers are best suited due to the presence of unique sea skills to immobilize the enemy, deal additional damage, strengthen your ship and allied ships and weakening the enemy.

    Ship building and vessel deed

    You can build a ship by contacting one of the 4 NPC builders:

    • Builder - Franklin. Shaitan City (900,3669)
    • Builder - Sinbad. Argent City (2255,2802)
    • Builder - George. Icicle Castle (1223,628)
    • Builder - Attan. Thundoria Harbor (1062,1291)

    Different NPCs have a different list of ships available for building. When building a ship, vessel deed is added to the character's inventory. One character can have no more than 3 vessel deeds at the same time. The vessel deed cannot be put into the bank or thrown away, but can be traded to other characters, sold in a stall. Vessel deed for an unwanted ship can be deleted or sold to any NPC.

    • When transfering a vessel deed via trade or selling from a stall to another character, the ship's level does not change.
    • Regardless of the place where the ship was built or docked for the last time, the character can go to sea from any port. There is no need to ferry ships between ports.

    When building a ship, you can choose different basic characteristics of the ship, which will change the cost of its building. By default, all ships are equipped with a Fishing Net, which is required for catching sea fish. Since the life skill Salvaging is disabled on the server, it is impossible to install the Mechanical Arm on the ship.

    Types of ships

    There are 13 types of ships in the game. Low-level ships (lvl 15-40) are recommended for building only as a temporary measure, in case it is impossible to build better ships (at a low character level or to save gold). For example, for a single character created specifically for the digging NSS, the cheapest ship (Guppy or Turtle) will be enough to sail to Treasure Isle. It makes no sense to level up such ships. For farming sea monsters and bosses, for sea pk and for fishing, Eagle or Shark are more suitable, so it's better to wait until the character level 45 and accumulate 100k gold for building one of these two ships. The best in terms of stats, as well as the most difficult ship to obtain, is the Ark.

    Low level ships

    Low level ships
    Name Level Min cost Where to build
    Guppy 15 9990 Shaitan (900,3669)

    Аргент (2255,2802)

    Turtle 15 9990 Shaitan (900,3669)

    Icicle (1223,628)

    Thundoria Harbor (1062,1291)

    Transporter 25 17864 Argent (2255,2802)

    Icicle (1223,628)

    Windseeker 25 17864 Shaitan (900,3669)

    Icicle (1223,628)

    Flying fish 30 29490 Shaitan (900,3669)

    Argent (2255,2802)

    Icicle (1223,628)

    Thundoria Harbor (1062,1291)

    Swordfish 30 29490 Argent (2255,2802)

    Thundoria Harbor (1062,1291)

    Phantom 35 45614 Thundoria Harbor (1062,1291)
    Torrent 35 45614 Shaitan (900,3669)
    Silver Dolphin 40 66611 Thundoria Harbor (1062,1291)
    Goddess 40 66990 Shaitan (900,3669)


    Eagle: tank ship

    The Eagle has the highest movement speed of all ships, as well as a higher survivability compared to the Shark, but a lower survivability compared to the Ark. Eagle is inferior to Shark and Ark in terms of attack power and DPS (damage per second). The Eagle is a standard ship that suits characters of all professions and tasks well. When building, it is recommended to choose the best basic stats.

    Character level: 45.

    Where to build: Icicle (1223,628)

    Cost: from 94364 to 98855 gold

    Stats of Eagle
    Lvl Attack Durability (HP) Defense Movement speed Attack speed Fuel
    1 247/371 7528 154 519 145 2300
    10 269/406 8199 167 536 145 2300
    20 294/441 8945 183 555 145 2300
    30 318/477 9690 198 575 145 2300
    40 343/514 10435 213 594 145 2300
    50 367/551 11181 228 613 145 2300
    60 392/588 11926 244 632 145 2300
    70 442/638 12126 274 632 145 2300
    80 492/688 12326 304 632 145 2300
    90 542/738 12526 334 632 145 2300
    100 592/788 12726 364 632 145 2300
    Great White Shark: damage dealer ship

    Great White Shark

    The Shark has the highest attack among all ships, surpassing the Eagle and the Ark in this parameter, however, the Shark is inferior to the Ark in terms of DPS (damage per second) due to a lower attack speed. Shark also loses to Eagle and Ark in terms of survival. The shark is well suited to Voyagers, who learn and level up sea skills, as well as characters of other classes who want to deal more damage at sea (at the expense of ship survivability). When building, it is recommended to choose the best basic stats.

    Character level: 45

    Where to build: Thundoria Harbor (1062,1291)

    Cost: from 93884 to 98855 gold

    Stats of Shark
    Lvl Attack Durability (HP) Defense Movement speed Attack speed Fuel
    1 452/653 4823 84 496 154 2300
    10 493/712 5253 91 513 154 2300
    20 538/777 5731 100 531 154 2300
    30 582/841 6208 108 550 154 2300
    40 627/906 6686 116 568 154 2300
    50 672/971 7163 125 586 154 2300
    60 717/1036 7641 133 605 154 2300
    70 772/1091 7841 163 605 154 2300
    80 827/1146 8041 193 605 154 2300
    90 882/1201 8241 223 605 154 2300
    100 937/1256 8441 253 605 154 2300
    Ark: the best and most balanced ship in the game


    The Ark has a slightly slower movement speed than the Eagle and the Shark, a slightly lower attack than the Shark, but higher than the Eagle, and the highest attack speed, due to which the Ark surpasses the Shark in DPS (damage per second), the most high survivability and fuel tank capacity. In general, the Ark is the best and most balanced ship in the game, suitable for characters of all classes.

    Character level: 1

    Where to build: Argent (2255,2802)

    Cost: 20301 gold

    Stats of Ark
    Lvl Attack Durability (HP) Defense Movement speed Attack speed Fuel
    1 437/656 10100 185 478 190 3300
    10 476/715 11000 201 494 190 3300
    20 520/780 12000 220 512 190 3300
    30 563/844 13000 238 530 190 3300
    40 606/910 14000 256 547 190 3300
    50 650/975 15000 275 565 190 3300
    60 693/1040 16000 293 583 190 3300
    70 743/1090 16200 323 583 190 3300
    80 793/1140 16400 353 583 190 3300
    90 843/1190 16600 383 583 190 3300
    100 893/1240 16800 413 583 190 3300
    To build the Ark, the character must have 4 parts of the blueprint for building a ship

    How to build Ark

    Unlike all other ships, in order to build the Ark, in addition to gold, a character must also have 4 items in inventory:

    • Part 1 of the blueprint for building a ship
    • Part 2 of the blueprint for building a ship
    • Part 3 of the blueprint for building a ship
    • Part 4 of the blueprint for building a ship

    All 4 parts can be produced using Craft, with the appropriate crafting blueprints. During the dialogue with the NPC, the blueprints are taken from the inventory immediately after selecting dialogue point "Build the Ark", therefore:

    1. Before proceeding with the building of the Ark, you should make sure that the character has the required amount of gold
    2. You cannot cancel the building of the Ark, otherwise the blueprints will simply disappear, and the Ark will not be built
    To view the stats at the current level of the ship, you need to right-click on its vessel deed

    Ship leveling

    The ship can be leveled up, along with which its stats will increase. The maximum level of the ship is 100. To increase the level, you need to approach the NPC builder with special consumable items in your inventory. Each time the ship is leveled up, it will become 1 level higher, while consuming one item, depending on the current level of the ship. Gold and ship experience are not needed to level up.

    Ship level Consumable item
    1-24 Ticket on Engine boost (1-25)
    25-49 Ticket on Deck reinforcement (25-50)
    50-74 Ticket on Board booking (50-75)
    75-99 Ticket on Gun Boost (75-100)

    Tickets can be produced with Manufacturing, having the corresponding manufacture blueprints.

    • When transferring a vessel deed through trade or selling from a stall to another character, the ship's level does not decrease.
    • To view the current stats of the ship, you need to right-click on the vessel deed

    How to set sail, refuel, repair and salvage a sunken ship in port

    Harbor Operator in Shaitan (823,3699), with which you can set sail, refuel, repair and salvage the sunken ship

    In all ports of the continents and islands there are NPCs Harbor Operator, which provide the character with the opportunity to set sail, as well as refuel and repair for a small fee, which can be done by talking to the NPC both from land and from water. When fuel runs out, the ship begins to slowly lose HP until it sinks. If the ship sank, then before it becomes available for sailing again, you must first salvage the sunken ship at the operator. To get off the ship back to land, you need to sail near the port into the circle marked with yellow arrows.

    How to repair ship in the middle of the ocean

    If the character on the ship is far from land or in the process of a sea battle with other players, there are two ways to repair right in the middle of the ocean and the battle:

    Hull Repair Lv1. When applied once, restores a random amount of HP to the ship: from 600 to 1000, cooldown: 10 sec. Hull Repair lvl 1 can be produced using Manufacturing, by acquiring the corresponding manufacture blueprint.

    Frieght in Shaitan harbor (832,3707), through which you can load wood into the cargo of the ship

    Wood Block. One wood block apply a buff on the ship for 63 seconds, which repair the ship by 100 HP 21 times in 3 seconds. A total of 2100 HP is repaired. The character first needs to chop a Pine Tree with the skill Woodcutting, and then load wood into the cargo of the ship through the special NPC Freight, which are located in all ports, as well as near Pine tree clusters. For example:

    • Freight - Ali Q in Shaitan harbor (832, 3707)
    • Freight - Yevgeni on Canary Isle (1727,3786)
    • Freight - Soraris at Pine Tree cluster, Ascaron (1879, 2965)
    • Freight - Ansto at Pine Tree cluster, Magical ocean (1535б 3450)

    When loaded into cargo, 10 pieces of Wood turn into 1 piece of Wood Block. To use it, you need to right-click on the ship's vessel deed, then press the "Cargo" button (the button is available only on the water) to open the cargo and double-click on the Wood Block.

    Fish meat and Wood block in the ship's cargo

    Hull Repair and Wood Block can be used together.

    How to refuel ship in the middle of the ocean

    There are also two ways to refuel:

    Food Generation Lv1. Recovers 650 units of fuel when used once. Can be produced using Manufacturing, by acquiring the corresponding manufacture blueprint.

    Fish meat. Recovers 50 units of fuel when used once. Fish meat automatically falls into the cargo of the ship when it is picked up during sea fishing from ship at Fish Swarm points. To use it, you need to right-click on the ship's vessel deed, then press the "Cargo" button (the button is available only on the water) to open the cargo and double-click on the fish meat.

    Sea battles

    To avoid retaliatory attacks from the monster while farming, you can attack not the enemy itself (green circle), but the area next to the enemy (red circle), while the monster will receive damage without reacting to the attacking ship

    To attack a sea monster or another player's ship (in the pk area), you can click LMB directly on the enemy, then the ship will automatically attack the center of the point where the enemy is currently located. If the enemy does not move, the maximum damage will be dealt to the target. As the enemy moves, the center of attack will automatically move as well. Any attack from the ship deals area damage: the closer the target is to the center of the attack, the more damage it takes. This can be used to farm sea monsters, avoiding retaliatory attacks, thereby maintaining the durability of the ship. To do this, you need to sail to such a distance to the monster that the ship does not fall into the enemy's visibility range, and start attacking not the enemy itself, but the area next to enemy, using hotkeys:

    Ctrl+LMB - single area attack from a ship

    Shift+Ctrl+LMB - enabling auto area attack from a ship

    RMB - disabling the ship's auto attack

    Sea manufacture

    To gain an advantage in sea battle with other players, while farming and during battles with sea bosses you can use consumable items produced with Manufacture:

    Name Effect
    File:Manufacture 04 Accelerator.png Ship Accelerator Lv1 Increases ship movement speed by 2x for 50 seconds
    File:Manufacture 03 Atomizaer.png Ship Atomizer Lv1 Increases ship movement speed by 4x for 5 seconds
    File:Manufacture 06 mirage generator.png Mirage Generator Lv1 Makes the ship immune to damage and debuffs for 5 seconds
    File:Manufacture 01 Penetrator.png Ship Penetrator Lv1-3 Temporarily reduces the enemy's defense by 20/40/60 (Lv 1/2/3 penetrator), allowing them to deal more physical damage
    File:Manufacture 05 bullet chain.png Chain Bullet Lv1 Decreases enemy movement speed
    File:Manufacture 02 Flamer.png Ship Flamer Lv1-2 Deals random damage to an enemy from 300 to 600 on cast, then deals a fixed amount of 150 damage every second for some time. The duration and amount of damage depends on the level of the Ship Flamer.

    Accelerator and Atomizer can be used at the same time, while the effects will be summed up, but not multiplied.

    Voyager's skill "Algae Entanglement" applies a stun on the ship, which can be instantly removed by using Seaweed Killer

    Sea consumables

    Seaweed killer

    Seaweed killer is consumable item produced with Alchemy. When used, removes the immobilization effect from the ship from the Voyager skill "Algae Entanglement". The item is especially useful during sea pk when visiting FC and DS.

    N1391.png Battleship Armor increases ship defense by 200 points for 30 mins. Can be purchased in item mall (section Potions).

    N1261.png Triangle Sail increases ship's movement speed for 15 mins. Can be purchased in item mall (section Potions).

    Drop amplifiers at sea

    While on the ship, the player can't use drop amplifiers. Also, the effect of increasing the drop multiplier from premium status does not work on the ship.

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