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    Description and schedule of mazes of game Tales of Pirates Online according to server time (UTC +3):

    Maze Time Level Portal
    Forsaken City (FC) 0:00 | 4:00 | 8:00 | 12:00 | 16:00 | 20:00 Lv 55-60 Shaitan City (815,3656)
    Dark Swamp (DS) 1:00 | 5:00 | 9:00 | 13:00 | 17:00 | 21:00 Lv 55-60 Shaitan City (815,3656)
    Demonic World (DW) 3:00 | 7:00 | 11:00 | 15:00 | 19:00 | 23:00 Lv 61+ Abandoned Mine (1886,2810)
    Eternal garden (EG) 13:00 | 02:00 Lv 55+ Icicle Castle (1369,538)
    Chaos 20:00 Lv 55+ Icicle Castle (1371,532)
    Snow War (SW) 21:00 Lv 61+ Shaitan City (797,3644)
    Dragons Lair (BD) from 17:00 to 22:00 on Sundays Lv 1+ Summer Isle (3431,3297)

    Description of mazes

    The mazess that are currently on the server can be divided into 4 categories:

    1. Low-level (mini) mazes
    2. High-level mazes
    3. Mazes with balance mechanics
    4. Mazes with chaos mechanics

    Low-level (mini) mazes

    Low-level (mini) mazes include:

    The main feature of FC and DS is the fact that a low-level character is required to visit it. Portals leading to FC and DS are on the land in Shaitan City harbor, so the character will not need a ship to enter. PvP battles on the sea are possible inside these mazes. The portal leading to the DS always opens 1 hour after the opening of FC portal. All regular monsters in FC and DS are respawn 1 hour after being killed. If players act as a party or guild, then for effective farming they can choose the following tactics: During the first hour, the team acts together: fights enemies and takes the main values of the FC (chests, mini bosses, a special monster, the main boss). Then team kills all the ordinary monsters on two floors, after which, making sure that there are no enemies left in the FC, the main team goes to the DS, while one or a couple of players remain in the FC to clear the second wave of ordinary monsters.

    Main FC trophies: shards of broken (+2) gems.

    Main DS trophies: shards of cracked (+3) gems.

    Zero-exp card

    It is important to ensure that a character created specifically for FC and DS won't leveled up above Lv 60. Especially for this there is a Zero-exp card', which can be bought from NPC grocers in all cities, for example from Grocery - Jimberry in Argent (2232,2729). While the card is in the inventory, the character does not gain experience for killing monsters.

    High-level mazes

    High-level mazes include:

    In Demonic World (DW) there is no limit on the maximum character's level. There are two main bosses in DW.

    Main DW trophies: common gems, silver thread for creating cloaks, chest with lv 65 sealed equipment.

    There is no level limit in Dragons Lair (BD), but since the bosses have very valuable loot, and the maze opens once a week, there is massive guild PK between high-level players.

    Main BD trophies: Black Dragon gems and shards.


    In maze Eternal Garden (EG) there is a special mechanics of "balance": all characters, regardless of equipment, are equal in power, which makes this maze especially attractive for players who do not yet have powerfull equipment, because here they will be on par with the strongest characters on the server.

    Main trophies of Eternal Garden: Eternal Garden tokens, ingredients for creating cloak, fortune lots and intoxicating potion.

    Mazes with chaos mechanics

    Mazes with chaos mechanics include:

    In Chaos and Snow War, like in DW, there is no limit on the maximum character's level, so Chaos and Snow War can be classified as a high-level maze with unique mechanics. In Chaos and Snow War, you can get valuable trophies from all monsters and chests.

    Main trophies of Chaos: shards of unique gems (+5), shards of Black Dragon gems, chaos pacts, unique potions and Chaos blessing, needed for upgrading unseal boots and gloves from Lv 55 to Lv 65.

    Main trophies of Snow War: shards of unique gems (+5), shards of Black Dragon gems, rock gems and Chaos blessing, needed for upgrading unseal boots and gloves from Lv 55 to Lv 65.

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