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    There are several different currencies on the server, with which players can trade among themselves - sell and buy valuable items, as well as exchange one currency for another:

    This guide describes possible ways to earn money.

    Farm blueprints

    Blurry Blueprint and Encrypted Blueprint are valued on the Tortuga server much more than in the original game, due to the reworking of the blueprints system and life skills. Blueprints can be sold to other players in unopened form, or it can be opened and sold as recipes, or used by yourself for doing life skills. Since blueprints can be obtained even from very weak monsters around Argent, farming them and selling them to other players is a good source of profit from the very first minutes of playing on the server.

    Where to farm blueprints

    You can view the full list of blueprint obtaining ways in blueprints guide.

    Main places to farm Blurry Blueprints:

    • Outskirts of Argent: Lv5 Mini Bee (2060, 2755) and Lv2 Sleepy Snail, Lv3 Forest Spirit (2125,2740)
    • Abandoned Mine: Lv8 Cuddly Lamb (1965, 2700)
    • Abandoned Mine: Lv10 Piglet (1950, 2560)
    • Abandoned Mine: Lv13 Oyster (1815, 2470)
    • Icicle Haven: Lv13 Oyster (940, 410)

    Main places to farm Encrypted Blueprints:

    • All pirates from Canary Isle
    • All pirates from Cupid Isle

    Leveling disciples

    Party search function allows you to take characters into party starting from level 1. The function is opened by pressing the "S" button on the mini map.

    One of the simplest, most understandable and accessible ways to earn money for new players. You can level up disciples starting at level 41, but the higher the level of the main character and the better the equipment, the faster and more profitable this method. Attention! After adding lv 40 unseals, this method became much less profitable.

    Earning mechanics:

    • Create 4 new accounts, then create one new character on each account.
    • As the main character, take all 4 new characters at Lv 1 as disciples, and then take tme into a party through the party search function ("S" button on the mini map). More information about the mentor/disciple system and the party search function can be read in guide about Reputation.
    • Lead a party of a mentor and four disciples to the leveling site, seat the disciples in a safe point (be careful, disciples can be easily killed by mobs!) and start killing monsters in a small radius around the disciples - so that they gain experience. Don't forget to use Mini-Amplifiers of Strive from time to time, which disciples receive in temporary bag every 5 levels, starting from the 5th. Disciples need to be leveled up to at least Lv 41. The process of leveling up will be made easier by the buffer: under buffs, the main character will kill monsters faster, and the buffer can also protect disciples from monsters, taking aggro onto himself.
    • Upon reaching level 41, you must complete 1st class and 2nd class promotion quests then open the yellow newbie chest to the end and sell all the dropped items to the NPC for gold. Heavens Berry should be traded to the main character.
    • Delete four characters from your account, create new ones and start over. At the same time, it is not necessary to remove characters from the list of disciples: upon reaching level 41, they automatically free up a slot for new disciples. Sometimes a bug appears when one of the disciples does not free a slot: in such cases, it is worth deleting disciples in order, starting with the most recent ones, until the disciple who did not free the slot is deleted.

    Possible places for leveling up disciples

    • West Mine (1702,2676)
    • Abandoned Mine, green spot №1 (1890,2741)
    • Abandoned Mine, blue spot №2 (1890,2710)
    • Isle of Chill (2388,549)
    • Isle of Fortune (1632,1976)

    Earning money from leveling disciples

    Potential earnings per leveling cycle may vary depending on whether the player uses HBs for disciples or sells them to other players, what level disciples level up to, and other factors. Lv 30+ equipment from a newbie chest can not only be sold to NPC, but also used for analyze in order to obtain ingredients for other life skills. It is recommended to level up 4 lances or phyllises, choosing the hunter and sharpshooter classes for them, since the equipment from the newbie chest for these classes is one of the most expensive, and both quests are completed quite quickly and easily.

    Approximate earnings per one disciple: 1 HB, 76k gold and 1286 reputation.

    Approximate earnings from four disciples: 4 HB, 304k gold and 5144 reputation.

    In the process of leveling up disciples, new sheepskin scrolls and equipment summon scrolls, can be dropped, which is an additional bonus to earnings.

    Purchasing IMPs

    Players who cannot devote too much time to the game, but who still want to progress as quickly as possible, can purchase IMPs with real currency. This can be done on donation page. For IMPs you can buy goods in item mall for yourself. You can buy valuable equipment from other players using IMPs. You can also simply sell IMPs to other players for gold, including placing IMPs tokens in offline stalls.

    Killing mini bosses

    For killing land and sea mini-bosses, the player can receive valuable trophies, such as unique statues (required as ingredients for the crafting), blueprints, reputation books, equipment summon scrolls, rings and necklaces (can be sold NPC for gold). All mini bosses are respawn 30 minutes after death. You can view the list and coordinates of their habitat in Mini bosses guide. The con to this income is that there is usually competition between players for mini bosses.

    Farming equipment summon scrolls

    Equipment summon scrolls are valuable loot. Firstly, by opening scrolls, you can get equipment with very good stats, which you can wear yourself or sell to other players at a good price. Secondly, equipment from scrolls can be analyzed.

    Main places for farming equipment summon scrolls:

    • Isle of Chill (Lv 50-55 scrolls)
    • Isle of Fortune (Lv 60-65 scrolls)
    • Summer Isle (Lv 65-75 scrolls)

    Life skills

    On the Tortuga server, all life skills have been changed and redesigned. Thus, you can make money on each of the skills.

    1st order life skills (ingredient obtaining)

    These two skills are used to obtain ingredients that are necessary for tier 2 life skills. You can either use the ingredients yourself or sell them to other players. Details on the skills pages.

    2nd order life skills (items creating)

    These three skills are used to create consumable items. All created items can be sold to other players, used by yourself to obtain even greater benefits (for example, during pk in mazes or killing bosses), or donated for the needs of your guild. Details on the skills pages.


    All items obtained as a result of analyzing lv 30-59 and lv 60+ equipment have one value or another. Most often these are the ingredients needed for 2nd order life skills. You can use ingredients yourself, sell it to other players, or sell to NPC for gold. Details on the page Analyze.

    AFK skills

    These three skills are a connected chain: first the player catches fish, then butchering fish, and eventually brews alchemical potions from the butchered parts of the fish. A distinctive feature is the fact that land fishing can be done in AFK mode, i.e. there is no need to spend a lot of time. Details on the skills pages.

    Farming items for fairy pets marriage

    Among other things, for each fairy marriage, players need two types of loot, obtained only from Forsaken City (FC) and Dark Swamp (DS):

    • 20x Swamp Wood, which can be dropped from Lv55 Swamp Watcher in DS 1 and DS 2, as well as from Lv55 Swamp Warden in DS 2.
    • 50x Skeleton of Sorrow Warrior, which can be dropped from Lv55 Sorrow Warrior in FC 1.

    To enter FC and DS, the character must be lv 55-60 and have a ship. FC and DS are pk areas, in which players alone or as part of guild can kill each other, so the player should be prepared for battles and competition. The respawn time for monsters in FC and DS is 60 minutes. Obtained items can be sold by putting them up for sale in stalls.

    Fairy pet growing and fairy pet marriage

    Profits from growing fairy pets can be obtained in several ways. Fairy pets can be raised in AFK or in offline mode, using auto ration. Only from time to time, as the growth bar fills, you need to manually increase the fairy pet's level with fruits.

    Fairy coins and signets

    During the process of growing a fairy pet, the character from time to time receives valuable items in a temporary bag necessary for life skills:

    • Fairy coins
    • Elven signets
    • Elven royal signets

    Creating 2nd gen fairy pets

    If there are two fairy pets of the 1st generation, leveled up to the same stat, the fairy pets can be married, thereby creating fairy pet of the 2nd generation. The fastest way to grow fairy pets is to level 20. This is the minimum level required to hold a fairy wedding. After marring two level 20 fairy pets, the player will receive:

    • Lv 5 2nd gen fairy pet
    • Two Lv 16 1st gen fairy pets
    • Skill book "Fairy body" (possession)

    With a high chance, there will be novice possession. The 2nd generation fairy pet and skill book can be sold to other players. And 1st gen fairy pets, level 16, can be growed again until level 20 and the marriage can be held again.

    Skill "Fairy Body" (possession)

    The most profitable option, but at the same time the most costly both in terms of time, fruits and rations, would be growing two fairy pets of the 1st generation to at least level 35 with subsequent marriage, since, starting from level 35, in addition to the 2nd gen fairy, the player is 100% guaranteed to receive an expert possession, which is the most profitable and valuable among all levels of possession skill. After the marriage, level 35 fairy pets become level 31 and can be growed to level 35 again.


    All mazes can bring benefits in one way or another:

    Each maze has both similar and unique rewards. To go to FC, DS, DW and Chaos, you need a character with decent equipment so that you can fight monsters and other players. While in the Eternal Garden, equipment does not play a decisive role, since all the characters inside the Garden become balanced, and only the difference in character levels plays a role.

    For team players

    Usually, for the most valuable rewards (main bosses, chests, unique monsters) there is a fights between two large guilds. The winning guild takes the loot. Therefore, in order to claim the most valuable loot from the mazes, it is recommended to join one of the guilds. Recruitment announcements can be found in chats in the game or in special section of the server discord.

    For solo players

    Solo players can most likely still claim to farm regular monsters (especially in the Eternal Garden), but defeating the main bosses or an entire guild of other players alone will be problematic.

    Killing bosses

    Killing jade bosses and legendary bosses requires good equipment for a character. Teamwork is also necessary, since bosses are usually killed not by individuals, but by guilds. To kill sea bosses you will need a voyager with sea skills and with a good ship.

    Farming and digging out NSS and OSS

    Farming locations for New sheepskin scrolls (NSS) and Old sheepskin scrolls (OSS) can be found in the corresponding guides. Usually, players do not farm NSS and OSS on purpose, but if NSS or OSS drops during other activities, it is worth digging it from time to time.

    Farming Language Barrier (LB) set

    The way to earn money is to obtain a set of loot from sea monsters for the purpose of further selling to players who want to quickly complete Language barrier quest. For effective farming you will need a voyager with sea skills and a good ship. There is an alternative strategy when the player launches 4 game clients simultaneously and alternately uses 4 characters in 4 points of the world (for each type of loot). Each character needs to find a place where 2-4 of the desired monsters are located nearby. First, the player turns on the first character while the other 3 characters are in the relog. With the first character, the player kills 2-4 monsters, then takes the first character into relog and turns on the second character, also killing 2-4 monsters. The procedure is repeated for each of the 4 characters. By the time the last 2-4 monsters are killed (by the 4th character), the monsters near the 1st character have time to be respawn, and farming continues in a circle. Ships can be refueled and repaired in the harbors closest to the points. It is recommended to take sea manufacture with you for faster and more comfortable farming.

    List of required loot and monster spawn points:

    • 30x Fascia Fish Bone from Spiny Fish Bone - Deep Blue: 553,2512
    • 30x Thick Fish Bone from Hungry Fish Bone - Deep Blue: 691,3192
    • 30x Rotten Fish Bone from Scavenger Fish Bone - Magical ocean: 3934,3224
    • 10x Shining Sea Jelly Skin from Swift Cyclonic Sea Jelly - Magical ocean: 3983,1444

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