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    Character leveling

    A Lv 1-40 character can become a disciple by right-clicking on another Lv 41+ character and selecting Mentor

    After you started playing and created a character, the first thing you need to do is level up your character. It’s better to immediately find a mentor, so that the character receives Mini-Amplifiers of Strive every 5 levels.

    • If you need help with leveling up and advice from experienced players, you can contact Helpers on Discord in the channel 🔎helper-looking-for-help

    If you plan to level up without the help of high-level players, then you can check guide about recommended places for leveling.

    The order of putting stat points and learning skills can be found in the guides for the corresponding class:

    Newbie starter kit

    Having reached level 40, completing the quest for the 2nd class and opening the last yellow newbie chest, the player receives a starter pack, which includes experience afmplifiers and drop amplifiers, Lv 40 unseals, temporary handpet, consumable items for pk, kit for learning crafting skill. The starter pack will help in further leveling up and farming Equipment Summon Scrolls.

    Alternative leveling up methods

    In addition, from level 40 the following become available:

    • Hourglass, for 60 minutes giving x2 experience and +2 to the drop multiplier. Hourglass can be taken for free every day from Baby in Argent (2202,2776).
    • Daily quest Hexathlon, which can be completed 3 times every day, allowing you to level up your character to Lv 75.

    What to buy in Item Mall for a quick start

    The player can purchase IMPs для более быстрого старта. for a faster start. List of the most effective purchases in Item Mall (IM):

    • Premium-status (30 days). Section: Character -> Cha IMPs. It will help in leveling up, farming, growing fairy pets, will provide consumables for pk, and will speed up the upgrade of tools for life skills.
    • Handpet. Section: Mounts&Pets -> HandPets. A regular handpet will make farming incredibly comfortable. In addition to this, a rare handpet will also give bonuses to drop and combat stats. The “Hand pet Body” skill will be a very convenient solution during farming and leveling in PvE areas (the skill does NOT work in PvP areas), eliminating the need to constantly have a buffer character in the second game client.
    • Mount and fruits. Section: Mounts&Pets -> Mounts. The mounts differ only in appearance. If appearance is not important to you, you can buy the cheapest box with a random standard mount. For a mount to give a bonus to movement speed, it needs to be leveled up with fruits +1 or +2.
    • Slot Inventory backpacks (28-48 cells). Section: Character -> Cha IMPs. Inventory expansion for convenience.
    • Amplifiers of Exp and Drop. Section: Exp&Drop -> E&D IMPs. To speed up leveling and farming.
    • Fairy pet. Section: Fairy -> Fai IMPs. At your discretion, you can either buy level 0 fairy eggs and raise fairy pets yourself, or try to buy a ready-made second-generation fairy pet and Possession skill from other players. In any case, buying fruits to speed up fairy growth, fruits to increase fairy level and fairy auto-rations will be profitable purchases.
    • Fisherman costume. Section: Other -> Fishing IMPs. If you plan to do land fishing, purchasing a costume will be a worthwhile long-term investment.

    If a player does not have the ability or desire to spend real money, reputation points can be used as an alternative currency for purchasing not all, but many goods from IM.

    Blueprints and life skills

    Different types of blueprints for life skills

    The blueprint system and all life skills on the server have been redesigned, so now farming blueprints and doing any of the life skills is a full-fledged part of the gameplay, which is worth devoting time to. You can start doing this from the very first days of the game. More details in the guides:


    Pk during the Halloween event

    Having reached level 55, you can start going to the first mazes: Eternal Garden, FC and DS. Moreover, you can visit the Eternal Garden even without strong equipment, since this maze has a balance mechanics: all characters are equal in power, regardless of the equipments they are wearing, and the upper half of the map is a PvE area where you can simply farm mobs. With a level increase to 61+, you can start going to high-level mazes: DW, Chaos and BD. In the guide you can check description and schedule of all mazes. Usually, in high-level mazes, two guilds are fight with each other, so it is recommended to join one of the guilds. Recruitment announcements are published on Discord in the channel 🍻guild-recruitment In addition to visiting mazes, you can find friends and support in guilds, both in the game and in life.

    Earnings and equipment

    After leveling up your character and getting comfortable on the server, you can begin to engage in various ways of earning in order to acquire, create and improve equipment, obtain gems and become the best of the best in pk.

    Obtaining consumables

    To successfully participate in pk, you need consumables on an ongoing basis, which can be obtained in several ways:

    • Life skills. For example: Manufacturing, Cooking and Alchemy.
    • Login to the game daily to receive daily prizes. With increasing level of premium status you will receive better prizes.
    • Daily completing quest Hexathlon by Lv75+ character. With increasing level of premium status rewards for Hexathlon will also upgrade.
    • Three times a day, with an interval of 30 minutes, the character can open Evil crystal. Each opening requires inert dust.
    • Once a day you can redeem from Physican - Daisha in Icicle Castle (1353,499):
      • 1x Weightless Potion (untreadable) for [5x Transparent Crystal + 500 000 gold]. Transparent Crystal can be obtained using Analyze.
      • 1x Blessed Potion (untreadable) for [3x Tool + 250 000 gold]. Tool can be obtained using Analyze or can be bought for reputation in IM -> Other -> Craft REP.
        A beautiful character pleases its owner and gives pleasant emotions every day.

    Completing Phoenix Rebirth quest

    Upon reaching level 75, you can begin completing the quest Phoenix Rebirth.

    Beautiful appearance of the character

    What a character looks like plays an important role. A beautiful character pleases its owner and gives pleasant emotions every day. To give your character a unique look, you can buy in Item Mall for IMPs various cosmetics:

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