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    Manufacturing is one of life skills, allows, with the appropriate blueprints, to create consumable items for land and sea combat, Exp and Drop amplifiers, tickets to level up the ship, batteries for charging of corals.

    How to learn manufacturing

    Manufaction kit is produced by crafting. When the kit is opened, the character learns the manufacturing skill and receives an untradeable Black Hole Crystal that accumulates experience. The crystal has no durability and does not need to be repaired in order for it to work. Upon reaching the desired experience value, the crystal and the manufacturing skill itself can be increased by 1 level using a repair tool. Max Lv is 5.

    To learn manufacturing, player need 1 life skill point and Manufaction kit, that can be produced by crafting. Upon opening the Manufaction kit, the character will learn the manufacturing skill and receive the Black Hole Crystal, an untradeable manufacturing tool.

    How to level up manufacturing

    The maximum level of the manufacturing skill, as well as the maximum level of the Black Hole Crystal, is 5. The Black Hole Crystal gains experience as the player uses manufacturing skill. Each recipe for manufacturing tells how much experience the crystal will receive after manufacturing items according to this recipe. Upon reaching the maximum value of experience, the crystal can still be used, it does not need to be repaired. The Repair Tool is only needed to level up the Crystal and the manufacturing skill level. Repair tools are created by craft.

    To level up Need Exp Required Tool
    From 1 to 2 Lv 2500 Repair Tool Lv1
    From 2 to 3 Lv 6500 Repair Tool Lv2
    From 3 to 4 Lv 12000 Repair Tool Lv3
    From 4 to 5 Lv 18000 Repair Tool Lv4

    After accumulating the required amount of experience to go to the next level, you need to place the repair tool in inventory, then double-click on the Black Hole Crystal. The character must have 1 free life skill point. After using the repair tool, the level of the Crystal and the level of the manufacturing skill of the character will simultaneously increase.

    • With premium status activated, the crystal gains 15% more exp from each recipe.

    How to do manufacturing

    The level of manufacturing and crystal must match the level of the recipe

    Manufacturing requires Manufacturing Blueprint. Manufacturing level (as well as the level of the Black Hole Crystal) must be equal to the level of the recipe (or greater than it). For example, using the Lv 3 crystal you can produce items according to recipes of Lv 1, 2 and 3, but not Lv 4 recipes. It is necessary to collect the three ingredients indicated in the recipe, and the required amount of fairy coins, then go to the Substance Generator in Shaitan (877,3646) or in any other city, arrange all in places and click "Start". Fairy pet is not needed for manufacturing. The success rate of producing items according to any recipe is 100%. Any recipe has only one use.

    File:Manu 03.jpg

    List of recipes and ingredients for manufacturing

    The list of recipes and ingredients for their creation can be found in the database:

    Where to get ingredients for manufacturing

    • Obtain by using Analyze
    • Buy from NPC Grocery in Argent, Icicle and Shaitan
    • Buy for reputation points
    • Get by killing common land and sea monsters
    • Inert Dust has many obtaining methods
    • Runestones can be obtained by killing monsters of FC, DS and DW
    • Wood stripes are obtained by woodcutting
    • Elven signets and fairy coins are obtained by wearing fairy pets. Also, 10x Elven Signets can be redeemed for 99x Fairy Coins from the Black market merchant in Icicle (1371,587)

    What can be created with Manufacturing

    Item Effect
    Файл:S1135.png Grenade Lv1 The grenade deals a percentage damage to a single target based on the enemy's current HP. The higher the level of the grenade, the greater the percentage of HP the grenade takes away. It is more profitable to use a grenade, the greater the value of the current HP of the enemy (tank). Depending on the level (1/3/5), the grenade has a maximum damage threshold that cannot be exceeded.
    Файл:S2743.png Grenade Lv3
    Файл:S2791.png Grenade Lv5
    Файл:S1137.png Radiation Lv1 Radiation reveals all nearby invisible enemies, temporarily applying a damage-over-time effect to them that prevents enemies from going invisible. Radiation effect cannot be removed. With the level of the Radiation, the amount of periodic damage increases. The effect from the Radiation will not be applied if the target is already poisoned or affected by skill of Crusader "Poison Dart".
    Файл:S2721.png Radiation Lv2
    Файл:S2745.png Radiation Lv3
    Файл:S2769.png Radiation Lv4
    Файл:S2793.png Radiation Lv5
    Файл:N1699.png Soul Detector Lv1 The action of the detector is similar to the action of the "True Sight" skill of Cleric and Seal Master. Sets an "eye" that reveals invisible characters within the radius, but does not break their invisibility.
    Файл:S1146.png Carrion Ball Lv1 Reduces the enemy's physical resistance by 5 and defense by 50.
    Файл:S2730.png Carrion Ball Lv2 Reduces the enemy's physical resistance by 7 and defense by 70.
    Файл:S2754.png Carrion Ball Lv3 Reduces the enemy's physical resistance by 9 and defense by 90.
    Файл:S2778.png Carrion Ball Lv4 Reduces the enemy's physical resistance by 11 and defense by 110.
    Файл:S2802.png Carrion Ball Lv5 Reduces the enemy's physical resistance by 13 and defense by 130.
    Файл:F1136.png Flash Bomb Lv1 Stuns all enemy targets within a radius for 1 sec
    Файл:F2720.png Flash Bomb Lv2 Stuns all enemy targets within a radius for 2 sec
    Файл:F2744.png Flash Bomb Lv3 Stuns all enemy targets within a radius for 3 sec
    Файл:S1145.png Sand Bag Lv1 Summons a Lv 15 monster with high HP that does not attack. For killing monster, the player receives a large amount of experience.
    Файл:S2729.png Sand Bag Lv2 Summons a Lv 40 monster with high HP that does not attack. For killing monster, the player receives a large amount of experience.
    Файл:S2753.png Sand Bag Lv3 Summons a Lv 60 monster with high HP that does not attack. For killing monster, the player receives a large amount of experience.
    Файл:S2777.png Sand Bag Lv4 Summons a Lv 75 monster with high HP that does not attack. For killing monster, the player receives a large amount of experience. Sand bag only allows the character to gain experience up to level 80.
    Файл:S2801.png Sand Bag Lv5 Summons a Lv 85 monster with high HP that does not attack. For killing monster, the player receives a large amount of experience. Sand bag only allows the character to gain experience up to level 80.
    Файл:N1648.png Coral battery When used, fully restores the maximum amount of energy of any coral.
    Файл:N1355.png Hi-Amplifier of Luck Adds +3 (300%) to Drop rate multiplier. Valid for 30 min.
    Файл:Lots 02 HB.png Heavens berry Grants 2x (200%) Exp gained from killing monsters. Valid for 15 min.
    Файл:N1396.png Amplifier of Strive Grants 2x (200%) Exp gained from killing monsters. Valid for 30 min.
    Файл:T3095.png Hi-Amplifier of Strive Grants 2.5x (250%) Exp gained from killing monsters. Valid for 30 min.
    Файл:T5767.png 3x Amplifier of Strive Grants 3x (300%) Exp gained from killing monsters. Valid for 30 min.
    Файл:t849.png Party EXP fruit Grants 1.5x (150%) Exp gained from killing monsters for all party members. Valid for 15 min.
    Файл:s2984.png Book of reputation (1.000) Adds 1000 reputation points to the character when used.
    Файл:Manufacture 04 Accelerator.png Ship Accelerator Lv1 Increases ship movement speed by 2x for 50 seconds
    Файл:Manufacture 03 Atomizaer.png Ship Atomizer Lv1 Increases ship movement speed by 4x for 5 seconds
    Файл:Manufacture 02 Flamer.png Ship Flamer Lv1 Deals random damage to an enemy from 300 to 600 on cast, then deals a fixed amount of 150 damage every second for some time. The duration and amount of damage increases with the level of the flamethrower.
    Файл:S2727.png Ship Flamer Lv2
    Файл:S2751.png Ship Flamer Lv3
    Файл:S2775.png Ship Flamer Lv4
    Файл:S2799.png Ship Flamer Lv5
    Файл:Manufacture 06 mirage generator.png Mirage Generator Lv1 Makes the ship immune to damage and debuffs for 5 seconds
    Файл:Manufacture 01 Penetrator.png Ship Penetrator Lv1 Temporarily reduces the enemy's defense by 20/40/60/80/100 (Lv 1/2/3/4/5 of Penetrator), allowing them to deal more physical damage
    Файл:S2725.png Ship Penetrator Lv2
    Файл:S2749.png Ship Penetrator Lv3
    Файл:S2773.png Ship Penetrator Lv4
    Файл:S2797.png Ship Penetrator Lv5
    Файл:Manufacture 05 bullet chain.png Chain Bullet Lv1 Decreases enemy movement speed
    Файл:N1705.png Food Generation Lv1 Recovers 650 units of ship's fuel once applied.
    Файл:N1704.png Hull Repair Lv1 When applied once, it restores a random amount of HP to the ship: from 600 to 1000.
    Файл:S20041.png Ticket on Engine boost (1-25) Talons are used to level up ships by +1 level.
    Файл:S20041.png Ticket on Deck reinforcement (25-50)
    Файл:S20041.png Ticket on Board booking (50-75)
    Файл:S20041.png Ticket on Gun Boost (75-100)

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